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Self Portrait

Hauptman, Susan

Self Portrait

charcoal & pastel on paper

2000 Purchase funded by The Collectors Club

Susan Hauptman's portraits demonstrate her ability to push surrealism to new heights. Self portraits constitute the largest part of her work in which she appears in various costumes with props, similar to the self portraits of Freda Kahlo. Hauptman makes the ordinary seem strange as she depicts herself solemnly staring at the viewer.

In "Self Portrait" Hauptman's mesmerizing gaze is both a confrontation and an entreaty. The photographic realism resembles an amusement park photo booth picture where a person's face appears above a cut-out figure painted on a board. Hauptman uses color sparingly to highlight a symbolic element in the composition. "Self Portrait" invites the viewer to look beyond the obvious pictorial elements of the drawing for clues that bear personal significance.