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Ghia #5

Gilliam, Sam

Ghia #5

monoprint, acrylic paint, collage on paper

2002 Purchase funded by Ellen Archibald

Sam Gilliam achieved international acclaim in the late 1960s with his drape paintings which hung in billowing forms from the ceilings and walls. Gilliam was originally associated with the Washington Color Field Painters who produced large-scale paintings on unprimed canvas with bright colored, hard-edge shapes. A master at improvising and experimenting with materials, Gilliam's collages and constructions have the fractured planes of Cubism and the vivid colors of African art. In the 1990s, Gilliam began to create lively patchwork compositions with fabric and acrylic paint on wood. "Ghia #5" contains textiles cut into geometric shapes and combined with a monoprint and acrylic paint in a compositon that reveals Gilliam's love of color and surface texture.