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Points of View

Twitty, James

Points of View

acrylic on canvas

2003 Gift of Dr. Pamela Champe

James Twitty's love of the sea is reflected in much of his work. His paintings incorporate geometric grid-like forms through which sea and landscape views are seen. He is neither a realist nor a non-objective painter. His work is more closely associated with the post-abstract period of the 1960s and 1970s when minimalism, color field painting and new realism emerged. Although Twitty was not part of the Washington Color School painters of the 1960s, his work echoes their emphasis on pure color and repetition of geometric forms.

In "Points of View" Twitty presents a structured form that resembles a coffered window. A series of beach scenes painted with bold brushstrokes in vivid blues and greens contrast with the hard-edge geometry of the grid-like structure. Twitty's landscape and geometric forms symbolize the interaction between natural and man made environments; between chaos and order. "Points of View" illustrates how artists in the 1970s explored pattern and color to express the tension between abstraction and realism and the interaction between two dimensional and three dimensional elements.