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Ellipse / H 9.5

deJong, Constance

Ellipse / H 9.5

copper & maple

2012 Purchase; Milton Koslow Fund of the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundaton

The precision and simplicity of Constance DeJong's minimalist art is deceiving. A closer look reveals a sensitivity to the effect oflight upon reflective metal surfaces and and intense exploration of form. The placement of lights beaming down from the gallery ceiling determines the shape of shadows and quality of light reflecting off the metal surface of DeJong's sculpture.

After receiving her degree at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, DeJong moved to New Mexico. She loved the desert where the quality of natural light upon the landscape inspired her and deeply influenced the direction of her art. She received her MFA from the University of New Mexico where she now teaches sculpture. Her work is in several museum collections including the New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts and the Albuquerque Museum.