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Sidewalk Tenderness

Brodie, Gandy

Sidewalk Tenderness

oil on canvas

1969 Gift of Mrs. Blanchette Rockefeller

Nature provided the inspiration for Gandy Brodie's art. A self-taught artist, Brodie focused on the essence of natural subjects such as trees, birds and flowers which he translated into his paintings that are rich in texture. A sense of tranquility in the subtle colors of his abstract paintings reflects his quest for peaceful surroundings in his life. Brodie abandoned his career in the busy commerical art world of New York and settled in Vermont. His paintings are the exact opposite of the bright Pop Art images and bold colors embraced by New York artists and critics in the late 1950s and early 60s. Brodie's paintings express his observations of nature in which the essence of a tree and the feeling of a bird in flight become the core subject. "I don't think I'm a natural painter and I have to struggle very ardently to assert the particular image that I want to discover . . . It's as if I want to see it from every possible vantage point until I surrender completely to it and it creates me rather than I create it . . . It's a poetic thought, having the world itself create the people in it rather that the people in it create the world."