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Still Life

Kazuki, Yasuo

Still Life

oil on canvas

1969 Gift of Mrs. Blanchette Rockefeller

Oil painting is a western medium and was not used in early Japanese art. Yasuo Kazuki was a Japanese artist influenced by Paul Cezanne and Cubist artists. He used the "western" medium of oil painting to produce this still life in blocks of color. Kazuki studied art in Japan, but his choice of subject, medium and style of painting seen in "Still Life" was influenced by western art. Kazuki cropped an interior scene to focus upon the foliage resting on a chair. Behind the chair, the subtle form of a house in the background gives depth to the compositional space. Kazuki used muted colors and familiar objects which he abstracted into simple forms. He added a subtle hint of depth by the shadows cast by the foliage on the chair.