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Portrait of Mr. Nathan Button

Waldo, Samuel Lovett

Portrait of Mr. Nathan Button

oil on wood

1986 Purchase funded by The Collectors Club

Samuel Lovett Waldo and William Jewett were both natives of Connecticut. Waldo hired Jewett as a studio assistant. For three years, Jewett's main task was to grind and mix colors that Waldo used in his paintings. Eventually, Waldo made Jewett a full partner in his studio and both artists collaborated on portraits. This portrait of Nathan Button accompanies "Mrs. Nathan Button, Charlotte Pomeroy" also painted by Waldo & Jewett. The subject is depicted in the formal attire typical of the 1830s. Highlights in the brass coat buttons and the lightness of the shirt, collar and paper contrast with the deep colors and flattened shapes of the background. The background of this painting and its companion portrait of Charlotte Button are typical studio backgrounds in Waldo & Jewett portraits. The background consists of drapery and the suggestion of a landscape.