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La Femme du Gouverneur Gronde sa Fille

Chagall, Marc

La Femme du Gouverneur Gronde sa Fille

etching on paper

1991 Gift of Gabrielle P. Hubbard in memory of John William Hubbard, Jr.

Marc Chagall is noted for his colorful, expressive style of artwork. When publisher and art patron Ambroise Vollard offered Chagall an opportunity to illustrate a deluxe edition of "Les Ames Mortes" by 19th century Russian novelist Nikolai Gogol, Chagall conjured images of his childhood in Russia. He produced 107 etchings for "Les Ames Mortes" between 1923 and 1927. His illustrations reveal the idealism and the malevolence of the characters in Gogol's novel.