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Jeffrey, David


crushed charcoal on paper

1992 Purchase funded by The Collectors Club

David Jeffrey's art stems from memories of growing up in Man, West Virginia. His father and brothers worked in the coal mines, as did Jeffrey himself for a brief time. The textured appearance of coal seams inspired Jeffrey to create "1-11-88". He crushed charcoal sticks and applied them to paper to create dark, shimmering bands that simulate the appearance of a coal seam. Jeffrey limits his medium, color palette, and process to comply with his minimalist aesthetic. The process involved in creating a piece such as "1-11-88" is as important to Jeffrey as the completed artwork itself. "The close observation of my environment and the effect of natural forces such as devastating floods are at the core of what I do. The lives of the people from where I came, particularly their strong work ethic and deeply felt spiritual beliefs are also prominent."