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Man Holding Victim

Goodman, Sidney

Man Holding Victim

charcoal & pastel on paper

1996 Purchase funded by The Collectors Club

Sidney Goodman's artwork has helped renew interest in realism and the human figure. Since the 1970s, drawing has been central to Goodman's artistic practice. His pastel and charcoal drawings of the 1990s reflect his investigation of the human condition in modern urban and suburban environments. The tension and ambiguity in his art triggers a strong reaction in viewers. "Man Holding Victim" seems to be a commentary about the destruction of human lives that is prominent in daily media coverage. The event depicted in this drawing is mysterious and obscure. Goodman reinforces the aura of anonymity and ambiguity with sweeping, forceful marks and smudges. The diagonal line of the victim is supported by the exaggerated forms and lines of the masked figure, whose identity is hidden. The victim's head and arms disappear into a reddish shadowed area. It is difficult to pinpoint the narrative depicted in this drawing. The man holding the victim could be grieving, remorseful, or taking revenge. He could also be a victim of tragedy. Goodman invites the viewer to ponder the story.