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Moonrise Over Houses

Burchfield, Charles

Moonrise Over Houses

watercolor on paper

1997 Purchase funded by The Collectors Club

Charles Burchfield was a modernist who painted landscapes in an expressionist style. Burchfield spent a great deal of time outdoors in Ohio and western New York, often walking in the woods and hollows. His paintings revealed his reverence for nature and keen awareness of his surroundings. Burchfield's landscapes convey the feeling of a location at a particular season and time of day through color and brushstrokes. Edward Hopper wrote that Burchfield could sense the poetic and romantic aspects of a place and convey it to other people through his art.

Burchfield preferred to paint in watercolor and experimented with this medium to achieve different effects. He painted "Moonrise Over Houses" in a manner seldom seen in watercolor paintings. Layers of dense color applied with bold brushstrokes mimic the opaque quality of oil paint rather than the sketchy translucent colors commonly associated with watercolor paintings.