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Nightscape Woodcut

Jacquette, Yvonne

Nightscape Woodcut

woodcut on paper, ed. 7/100

1999 Purchase funded by David M. and Katherine Giltinan, Jr.

One of America's foremost painters of rural and urban landscapes, Yvonne Jacquette is best known for aerial views of cities. Her complex night scenes reveal her enchantment with the patterns produced by rows of illuminated windows and street lights. In "Nightscape Woodcut" the buildings blend into the blackness of the background. Rows of squares and rectangles represent windows that wrap around each building and define the shape and size of each structure. By eliminating or simplifying the background, Jacquette feels she can work more freely with the compositional space. In this woodcut, the space is broken into a patterned grid of light and dark geometric shapes.