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Little Chicks

Smith, Kiki

Little Chicks

etching on paper, ed. 7/100

1999 Purchase funded by David M. and Katherine Giltinan, Jr.

Born in Nuremberg, Germany, Kiki Smith grew up in South Orange, New Jersey. Her father, Tony Smith, was an artist known for his minimalist sculptures. Smith began to make figures for her traveling puppet theater in the early 1970s. She moved to New York in 1976 and began to make drawings of microscopic images and cross sections from "Gray's Anatomy" illustrations. Throughout her career, Smith has explored a variety of media including papier mache, paper sculpture, glass, and prints. Her art often addresses identity and gender issues. In "Little Chicks" Smith departs from her usual imagery that focuses on parts of the female anatomy. Instead, she presents a small group of fluffy chicks that seem dwarfed by the space around them.